Calling all fire-in-the-belly entrepreneurs and lightworkers with big missions ready to step into your full power in business. I’m about to show you 3 keys to exponential income & impact.

      How good would it feel to:

      • Let your business be easy because it’s led by heart, vision, and impact?
      • Not worry about where your next client is coming from so you can think bigger and longer term?
      • Improve your relationship to money, so you can really charge your worth and receive lots more?
      • Feel abundant in time, money, energy, inspiration, clients, and support through your soul-aligned work?
      • Break free from the illusion that you can serve everyone and finally define the exact magical niche YOU play best in?
      • Cut through the social media noise and be the #1 top person the people in your industry want to hire?

      If you’re ready to step up and become more visible, influential, and powerful through your work — and get paid for your deep, intuitive, heart-centered gifts at the same time, then The Abundance & Impact Masterclass is for you.

      Here’s what you’ll learn inside

      ✓  The 3 secret keys to not only consistent revenue but EXPONENTIAL REVENUE that bring quantum leaps to your bottom line — and why you haven’t been able to do this quite yet

      ✓  The key to unlocking ever-rising confidence — and leveraging it to show up and serve at a higher level than ever before

      ✓  How I wrestled — and ultimately overcame — my multi-passionate niche monsters to settle into an offer that skyrocketed my business

      ✓  The energy and mindset piece that sets apart the ones who steadily bring in “enough” income and the ones who explore into the front lines of their industry and own their seat at the table (Because strategy only gets you so far…)

      ✓  The exact business model that took me from $1,000 a month to multiple 6-figures in revenue in less than one year (You can take this and use it in your own business)

      ✓  What makes most coaches, lightworkers, and spiritual entrepreneurs struggle to get past the just-getting-by, searching-for-the-next-client $5,000-$10,000 a month benchmark — and how you can overcome this with a simple upgrade to your offerings

      ✓  How to have yuck-free sales and marketing that flows from heart-centered human connection (and gets your clients thanking you for the opportunity to work together)

      “When I started working with Elaina, I had no idea the explosive growth personally and professionally she would help me achieve in only a few months….I’ve far surpassed “just getting by” and am now fully booked out with my soul-aligned business and set up for continued growth, all thanks to Elaina!”

      – Ellie

      “My business went from $0 to $15K in 5 weeks, and then $40K in 8 weeks. I went from receiving DMs that said I was “such an inspiration” from people who had no intention to work together to signing 8 high-end clients and positioning myself as an expert in my field and attracting more requests to work with me than ever before.”

      – Shoshanna

      “I had zero clients, and within 8 weeks, I’ve made over $12,500 and now I’m working with 4 clients I absolutely love working with.”

      – Christine