You might have landed here because you’re feeling overwhelmed and burned out in your career. 


You’re making careless health choices and your self-care practices are slipping. 


Perhaps you’re in the same kind of unhealthy relationship dynamic…again…and wanting a new level of intimacy and connection with romantic partners.


Maybe your family situation is difficult and you feel disconnected, alone, and frustrated by their way of being.


This is all the stuff that happens outside of your work life that slowly eats away at your sanity, drains your energy, and taxes your health and happiness.


What’s the point of being successful if you’re not happy? Where do you go when you want to work on yourself — do the real work of looking inside and cleaning things up from the root cause of disharmony? 


Well, my ambitious and soulful friend, you’ve found my self-mastery work for a reason.

…there’s a change in your life you desire and you’re ready to take matters firmly into your own hands.  


…you want tools and practices you can use for a lifetime, not just one coaching or therapy session. 


…you’re ready to let go of old stories, limiting beliefs, and break out of patterns that keep your growth limited (and has for decades). 


…you want someone to hold up a mirror to your mindset and behavior and identify the subtlest points of contradiction, self-sabotage, and non-serving habits and stories that are ready to be healed and dissolved. 


…you’re ready to take radical responsibility for your circumstances and challenges.


Because it’s not easy to hear, but you know you’re creating everything you’re experiencing. 


So where is it coming from? 

Self-mastery is the process of making what’s happening unconsciously and automatically in your life, conscious.

By making what’s unconscious, conscious, you experience more freedom to make different choices with drastically increased personal power. 


The Self-Mastery School is a 4-month personal growth journey designed for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-the-making who are ready to level up from the inside out, to call in a new level of impact in their careers, commit to a new standard for their own personal practice and self-awareness, and attract a new ease and depth in their relationships and self-love. 


This is where we look at everything that happens outside of your work life.


You can only get so far with strategizing.


Sometimes there’s an inner contraction that’s preventing you from achieving that dream and that’s what we go after in this work.


I don’t give you the whole spiritual candy store — trust me, I’ve been there and you don’t have time for that wishy-washy stuff — I give you the direct, simple, effective, and PRACTICAL ways I’ve learned from the best practitioners, healers, and teachers of personal development from all over the world. 

Month 1: Optimize your health and self-care practice at the deepest level


  • This isn’t about diet changes and exercise, we explore your physical, mental, and emotional layers of health 
  • Learn somatic-based techniques to get you back into a harmonious relationship with your body
  • Discover the point of origin of why you make the decisions about your health that you make and create long-term, sustainable change
  • Understand the mind-body relationship with backing of neuroscience and proven methods
  • Commit to the practices you need and be held accountable to incremental change


Guest lectures from a Canadian somatic psychotherapist with 20+ years in the therapy and mindfulness field and a nutrition expert on intuitive health and eating

Month 2: Explore your spiritual side and heal past traumas that hold you back today


  • This modules blows everybody’s mind.
  • You’ll learn meditation, self-healing tools, and a few of the most effective ways to reprogram your subconscious
  • Understand and relieve the root cause of stress
  • Develop your intuition and self-guidance
  • Get into a spiritual and self-care regime that works for you


Guest lecture from a British Bali-based healer with decades of experience in psychotherapy, bodywork, and neuroscience who guides you through the ultimate self-healing process.

Month 3: Upgrade your relationship patterns and work with your life force energy


  • Gasp! A personal growth program that weaves sexuality into the mix? Yes because your relationships are your mirror into your own self-growth and our sexuality is subject to the highest degree of trauma and conditioning by society. This is the entry point for some of the deepest and most satisfying inner work.
  • Reconnect with your authentic desires, inside and outside of the bedroom
  • Learn practical (and fun) tools and exercises and empowering new approaches to communication
  • Understand where your previous unhealthy patterns are coming from and begin to reprogram them
  • Get a sneak peek into what traditional tantra looks like and how turning your attention to your sexuality may unlock new energy and creativity in all areas of your life


Guest lecture from an American intimacy coach who gives a perspective on sexuality and relating that will change how you show up in your relationships and activate more of your personal power.

Month 4: Clarify your life vision and further develop your purpose and impact on the world


  • All this inspiration must be grounded into reality and impact!
  • Take a step back and re-design your life for the next year
  • Get clear on your vision, your priorities, your purpose, and feel ignited and inspired moving forward
  • Be confident in your direction and career/heart alignment


Guest lecture from an American lifestyle designer, author, and TEDx speaker that will walk you through a visioning and lifestyle design exercise to translate your purpose and inspiration into a viable roadmap for the next year of your life.

Working with Elaina was profound and very impactful to my personal and professional life. Elaina was able to uncover and remove the narrative “blocks” to success that I had for myself. On the professional side, I gained confidence at work, become more self-aware, and began to work on a road-map to my career. Never before in my life have I had this great sense of personal achievement and freedom. Working with Elaina really will change your life!

Marie Claire, USA

Working with Elaina is a wonderful experience and has helped me go from struggling to find clients to booking dream clients in my 1:1 practice. Her methods even helped me to close $3,000 in sales in one week! Elaina is an incredibly supportive coach. She blends effective strategy with a warm and caring personal touch. I love working with Elaina and will work with her again as my business grows. If you need a mentor then I encourage you to speak to Elaina!

Paul, Peak Performance Coach, Ireland

Working with Elaina was a wonderful and transformative experience. Her clear understanding of higher-level thinking helped me dissolve some blockages I’d been struggling with for years.

Ana, USA

Working alongside Elaina was truly transformational in such a short amount of time. Elaina’s coaching allowed me to open up to deep, personal discoveries when I was at a crossroads in my life. Through her guidance and expertise, I was able to gain alternative perspectives on old ways of doing which enabled me to feel more empowered in my choices and deepened my spiritual growth. Elaina went above and beyond, making time for my questions and passing on her knowledge and resources outside of our one-on-one sessions. Her beautiful nature and grounded-ness encouraged the value of connecting to myself which allowed me to cultivate a meaningful understanding of what steps I wanted to take to continue moving forward.

Taneal, Melbourne, Australia

Elaina’s coaching has been absolutely transformative from the inside out. She helped me get clear on where I was blocking myself from backing myself and my business, dove into my backend to help me set up streamlined systems, and empowered and supported me every step of the way from the tiniest details to helping me organize the bigger picture. Within a month, my business had skyrocketed and I had 5x-ed my income! I now work with DREAM clients while living in Europe and serving others through a place of integrity and belief in myself. She helped me do all of this while setting me up to grow, connect with my deepest intentions, and put me in a place where I can continue to build on this success and serve many more for the future! If you have the opportunity to work with Elaina, do not hesitate and make the most worthwhile investment in yourself!

Ellie, Online Business Manager, USA/Germany

I went from being jobless and looking for part-time work fillers to building my own business which I just launched. Elaina helped me overcome all the personal blocks that came in the way of me truly owning my power and realising that I have gifts that can serve the world while I live a life of financial power and independence. She changed my life and I still don’t know how she did it, but she did! Thank you Elaina. 🙂

Neha, Health Coach, India

Many people in this world operate their lives from places of fear. Fears based on money, companionship, failure, the opinions of others, loss etc. I learned through working with Elaina that it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to take risks. I faced a great deal of doubt, negative opinions and judgment from others and myself prior to moving here to the Middle East. Through working with Elaina she has shown me how to relax and tune all those other voices out. To start and now continue on my own journey. Elaina, with her beautiful soul, I’ve found to be a very caring and gentle guide on this very confusing planet we call home. I’m living the life of my dreams now in a region of the world I greatly admire, love and respect and I’m learning more about myself and the world than I ever imagined possible. I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today if it wasn’t for Elaina and her work.

Victor, USA/Egypt

Your coaching helped me immensely and I’m now making more money per year in a job I love than ever before. I’m forever grateful to you.

Samantha, United States

(4) LIVE 60-minute masterclasses with Elaina Ray

(5) pre-recorded guest lecturers from world-class experts on every topic

(5) LIVE guest lectures from world-class experts to answer your questions

(4) LIVE group coaching sessions

(3) guided meditations

(2) practical workbooks

2019 session has wrapped. Launching again live in 2020!

Monthly payment plan: $497

Pay in full: $1497

VIP option includes all of the above plus 4 (1-1) private coaching sessions with Elaina of 60-minutes each (value: $4000)

Monthly payment plan: $997

Pay in full: $2497

Elaina Ray is a life coach and business strategist who helps entrepreneurs run purpose-driven businesses and optimize their own personal growth. She has a background in Fortune 100 business consulting, yogic mindfulness, and spiritual healing along with 5+ years of coaching experience. Originally from New York, Elaina has traveled to over 60 countries and currently lives in Bali, Indonesia. Her work has been featured on Business Insider, Fortune, Fast Company, Mindvalley, Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and more. 


Elaina’s life coaching methodology focuses on the subconscious root causes of blockages, recurring patterns and problems, and limiting beliefs. She will coach you to make powerful decisions and go through courageous self-healing processes that create lasting change. You will leave feeling self-mastered and self-loving in your relationship with yourself and others and empowered and confident in the direction you’re taking in life.