Multiple 6 Figure CEO Masterclass







there's a magic that happens when you're already used to receiving $10K and $20K months regularly and then you decide to become one of the few crazy people who commit to building a business that brings in a half of a million dollars a year or more.


You’re one of the few who could just stay at your $20K months, but your soul wants to keep experiencing herself as more expanded, capable, powerful, and influential.

You want to experience all of what life has to offer, stretch yourself beyond what’s comfortable in order to be a match for a wealthy, real-world business that brings you and your community joy, growth, pleasure, challenge, self-evolution, innovation, and beautiful creative energy.

Welcome, you’re not alone.


I’m one of the crazy people who has calibrated to 6 figure cash months and I use my own tools as I grow to doubling THAT.

I’ve doubled or tripled my multiple 5 figure revenue over and over again and my clients quantum leap their income into the multiple 6 figure level over and over again, too.

Contrary to popular belief... our bottomline to happen without as much as effort as it used to.


What got you to your first 6 figures isn’t what’s going to take you there, to the realms of $100,000 *launches* and $500,000 years.


It’s the mastery of the multiple 6 figure tweaks.

It’s elegant.

It’s simple.

It’s about doing less.

Trust me, getting to your first $100K was the hardest part of building your business and now it’s behind you.

Now it’s about not repeating the same momentum-building tasks that started getting clients steadily in the door for you… because continuing to repeat those same things will actually keep you stuck in the 6 figure realm. Multiple 6 figures comes from slight changes, artful tweaks, and expert upgrades to your:

  • energy
  • money mindset
  • leadership
  • messaging
  • product suite
  • team structure
  • ability to hold space and deliver epic experiences
  • understanding of how you think about client results
  • ability to innovate and break the rules

All these seemingly small changes multiply on one another.

It’s this precise sequence of optimization of the business that allows you to go through the income wormholes again and again.

This is what I LOVE to do. I apply these tools to my own business and I teach it day in and day out for my clients accelerating to 6, multiple 6, and 7 figures per year.


Where they used to need 5 clients to make a certain amount, they need 1 or 2.

Where they used to need 2 hours to do a task, they need 0 (delegated, automated, or dropped).

Where they used to take unhealthy responsibility for client results, they pull back.

They hold 20 people where they could only hold 10 before.

Where they used to have back to back sales calls to overcome objections and close, they enroll self-motivated dream clients only in their DMs.

Where they used to overanalyze content and marketing for hours, they know the secrets to writing what premium clients love and effortlessly say yes to.

Where they used to spend all day in Zoom rooms with 1-1 clients, their whole product suite has changed to match the energy they can more realistically share long-term without burning out.





you’ll learn what it takes to grow a
business to the $500,000 mark.

Because what got you here won’t take you there.

In this 2 hour vortex, you’ll learn the exact strategic and energetic adjustments I made to my business that took it from $10K to $100K months in a single year. I’ll share with you the model I used to scale to half a million dollars in revenue, how I structure my team, and what mistakes many super smart 6 figure entrepreneurs accidentally make that slow down and complicate their scaling process.


As the Einstein quote goes:

"Any fool can make something complicated.
It takes a genius to make it simple."

We will get to be geniuses together inside this masterclass and simplify your strategy to hit the highly coveted multiple 6 figure years.

The masterclass is FREE and held exclusively for 6 figure earners.

Looking forward to hosting this intimate space for coaches ready to claim their path to half a million and beyond.