The precious last months before I hit a million

Road trip

The precious last months before I hit a million

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The precious last months before I hit a million feel like the moment you put your car on cruise control on one stretch of open highway on the road trip of a lifetime.


One of those where you’re stoked to be in the car, taking turns playing your favorite tracks to your favorite human sitting next to you, singing out loud, passing snacks and coffee back and forth.


The space of… excited for what’s here and excited for what’s to come.


Sure of the destination and unfazed by the miles in between.


Because you know the miles in between are what make the magic once you’re there.


The conversations behind the wheel…

The hilarious pit stops in random towns and pumping gas at 3am…

Seeing the mountains from the passenger’s seat…

Watching the ocean come up slowly in the distance…


I feel dropped in.


Playful & cheeky even.


Like when the baggage lady tosses the “DPS” or “JFK” sticker on my luggage and I sigh a big sigh of excited relief after a long trip somewhere far off… because I’m going home.


It’s inevitable and now I get to enjoy the ride.


The 3 day work week that lets me have Fridays at the beach and long weekends with my honey anytime.


Systems running and structures put in place. I wake up to payments in my inbox and soulmate humans reaching out day after day after day… excited for our work together, now or in the future. All in the perfectly arranged timing.


The godsend of a team who have a level of attunement to what needs to be done and the energy with which to do it that I could have never dreamed of.


The home we’ve settled into in Bali, a creative sanctuary where new ideas, programs, content, and inspired action for the business arrive on a regular basis — no longer forcing or being suffocated by too much strategy.


Calls where I laugh until I cry with my clients and it doesn’t feel like working anymore… we figure it all out anyway, it’s all being done for us and through us.


Money that flows in and out of my hands, my gentle stewardship honors it and celebrates it and moves it into other places where it can grow and multiply and have a ripple effect where it’s met by other kind stewards.


Of course there’s the tingling of desire… the readiness for the next big milestone.


The challenges where sometimes it feels like we’re the 6-foot tall 13 year old who grew so fast that his pants are a little short and his classmates don’t recognize him after summer break… and he’s shy and stoked all at once. He’ll get the new pants. It’s coming.


The moments where I catch myself rushing the process, moving a little too fast until my mentors remind me: “Hey love, what’s the rush? It’s a done deal. Relax.” and I come home and spirit soothes the ambitious human.


I teach my clients the paradox of patience, and it’s never been more true than now.


My most successful clients look at their desired result like “Hey, this is inevitable, so I’m willing to show up and do the work for as long as it takes because I believe it’s a sure thing. I have no need to rush this. I trust my timing.” 


And because of the patience and the belief and the resolution in them, the results come very, very quickly. There’s very little ego or healing or distortion to be addressed first because the soul knows and the human relaxes and… boom. Exponential growth.


In this moment I am taking my own medicine.


Excited as all hell, ready, determined, celebrations in the making… and patient. 



GPS locked in.


Cruise control set.


The number of miles to go irrelevant. 


Laughing behind the seat of the wheel.


Making the last miles count.