Aligned Premium Pricing Masterclass

Pricing is more than picking a random number that “feels right.”


If you feel into it and pick your favorite angel number one day, you may find yourself blurting out a different number on your next sales call because… well, now you feel different.

Pricing has to be soulful and strategic.


Especially premium pricing.

There’s an art and a science to the way I price (and hold my belief behind) 5 figure and multiple 5 figure offers that has led me to run a business with $100K months and soulmate clients only…


...who also happen to be highly invested,





High caliber humans who love playing at the levels I invite them to play at when they invest with me,

And they love investing in themselves.

They aren’t unicorns. I’m not special. It’s sound energetics, a strong belief system around wealth, and a pricing strategy that results in clients seeing my high ticket offers as no brainers.

I have an incredibly simple and reliable method I take myself through when I’m coming up with the price for a new offer that has me feeling good and makes sound business sense… every time.


I have an expansive money mindset and the energy of where and how I decide to price an offer is, as my clients would attest to, positively contagious.




Premium Pricing




My clients experience their prices and confidence in those prices going up simply by listening to me talk about my pricing method, the perspective I have when it comes to coaching investments, and my money mindset.


And I’m going to teach it to you inside the Aligned Premium Pricing masterclass.


Your Investment: $197


This is part business strategy,

Part money mindset,

Part understanding investments & the magic of coaching in a completely new light,

And part pure energetic transmission of how you can truly charge whatever prices you desire and be met by high caliber clients regardless of your niche, how long you’ve been in business, or any other story you mind wants to tell you to trip you up on your way to the multiple 6 figure realms.


In this two hour workshop, you’ll learn:

>> My mindset around premium pricing that will help you feel confident about your rates

>> Powerful insights into how I view and value coaching investments that have me not bat an eyelash over my rates

>> The process I go through to land on The Number when creating a new offer

>> What to do when doubts sink in and you question your ability to sell out your programs at your new desired rates

>> And more