Sought After: The Art of Predictable Client Attraction

Welcome to the new paradigm.


Where the people with the highest degree of alignment, self-awareness, love, joy, emotional intelligence, passion, and freedom of time and energy become the wealthiest.

Where literally the more you care, the bigger you love, the more fun you have, the more intentional you are, the more inner work you do, the more abundant beliefs you hold… the bigger you grow.

Every day someone else I love
from my world steps into it.


Hitting huge numbers.

More money than they’d ever made before.


Holding more space for more people than ever before.


Client after client in my world is charging more than ever before.


Dream clients are finding THEM.


They are owning their magic and uncompromising in their desires: world travel, time off, soulmate clients only, authentic marketing only, business as a vehicle for the mission & freedom lifestyle.

This is what it can look like when you lead your business with your heart and without squashing the fires of your ambition.


You can make shit tons of money and be a fully soul-aligned person who hasn’t compromised anything in the process.


Here’s where you can build the momentum to make this business paradigm a reality for you.


In this free 3 video training, you’ll learn how to:

Get into the money mindset and energy of charging your next level prices

Predictably attract clients who can (and desire to!) pay for your magic

Experience consistently sold out programs even with a small social media audience

Raise the caliber of clients showing up on your discovery calls

Use feminine sales energetics for easeful and feel-good enrollment of soulmate clients without pushiness or “bro” marketing tactics