The secret to beating your slump with unstoppable success, quantum leaps, and increased results

The secret to beating your slump with unstoppable success, quantum leaps, and increased results

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The secret key to business success I’ve never told any of you until today. 


And not because I didn’t want to, I just didn’t realize this until my client and I were unpacking a chunk of weeds in her business in a session last week and I found myself saying this out loud and she found herself jaw dropping, like a little spiritual 2×4 just pleasantly whacked her upside the head.


What we were unpacking was this… she was in a drought.


Clients weren’t coming in at the level she wanted them to despite doing all the things.


The money she wanted to earn seemed like it was buried somewhere in the Sahara desert and she was stringing along a tired camel for 40 days and 40 nights searching for it. 


This gorgeous woman needed water. We needed to break the drought. So we needed to untangle what was reeeeeally going on.


First of all, quick summary for all of you: this scenario is known in my world as a void. It’s perfectly normal. Happens to everyone. Completely normal part of growing a business. It’s terribly frightening but essentially the wisdom here is: keep trucking along. Tweak something, shift a couple things that are easy to shift, get some support, and do it again.


But here’s the gem that came out in the middle of us doing exactly that: I said that it’s always been my practice to ADORE my business.


Somehow I’ve just naturally always spoken very highly of my business, even when it was in a void.


And I realized in that moment just how huge of an unearthing that was.


Because for her, when we traced back to what was happening when she wasn’t in a void, she was really happy with her business and she would speak very enthusiastically and very supportively about it. She would tell everyone how well it was going. If someone asked about her clients, she said they were great. 


Of course this was easy to do when things were rocking and rolling, but at the sight of the first hiccup the thoughts and WORDS became: why is it not working? What’s wrong with my marketing now? Oh no I don’t have as many clients as I want. It’s not going as well now. Susie over there is doing something better, and on and on.


This is MASSIVE! Even if you’re only confiding in your trusted allies and partner and coach about your business, the words you say MATTER. Your attitude about your business needs to be supportive and assertive and adoring for it to blossom. Your words and your attitude bring that result into being.


It’s like the self-love work your relationship coach or life coach is teaching you (or that you are teaching others):


The mirror exercises where you look for all the beautiful things about your body.

The self-pleasuring rituals you’re taught to do.

The ways you’re coached to approve of and acknowledge your man in order to deepen the passion of your connection.

The mindset work to think beautiful thoughts about yourself and your partner to manifest love.

The way you know to say uplifting things about ALL men and work your connection to the divine masculine when you want to call in a soulmate.




You get to look your business in the mirror and adore and approve of her. Every day.


You get to think about your clients and hold them with unconditional positive regard. Every day.


You get to think about your audience and choose to see their highest selves and their biggest juiciest desires that they are ready to invest in with you.


You get to approve of and support the overall up-and-up direction your business is on.


You get to see and acknowledge and celebrate the momentum you’re generating.


You get to see and love the people who are helping you do this work and all of their good qualities. 


You get to positively, in every way you can imagine, ADORE your work and your business.



This is the practice. In thoughts. In words. In feeling. 


And this is a potent reminder: YOU are not your business. It’s a separate entity. It’s your closest friend and trusted ally. Speak of her and treat her as such and you’ll witness miracles, quantum leaps, and increased results. This is the mindset and energy of UNSTOPPABLE success, especially through a void, hiccup, or a slump.