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Every week, I’ll be coaching one lucky entrepreneur on one particular challenge they’re having inside their business, my desire is for you to have a front-row seat to a real-life mini transformation. And to get clear, tangible takeaways that you can apply to problem-solving and scaling your own business.

4 Messaging Tips to transfer Your Marketing with Jason Keen

Messaging is not just the one-liner that you use in your mission statement. It’s also not just your elevator pitch or Instagram bio. In fact, messaging is everything that fuels your marketing efforts. It’s the words that you use to communicate with your ideal audience and how you present your offer. My guest today is Jason Keen, who thought he had an issue with niching, but what we uncovered was that his issue really lies within his messaging.

How to Structure and Price a VIP Day with Ellie Drabik

Have you ever thought about creating a VIP Day?  Do you wonder what to include, or even, how a VIP Day fits into the product suite of your business?  Get your creative juices flowing by listening to this episode as I help one lucky entrepreneur with a challenge they’re facing in their business. So grab something to write with and get ready for some clear, actionable takeaways that you can use right now.

Communicating the Benefits of Non-Financial ROI Through Your Messaging with Liane Elle

How do you communicate the benefits of your offer when the ROI you provide is non-financial? For coaches in the personal development and spiritual space, communicating the benefits of your offer can be more confusing when compared to that of a business coach or strategist.

How to Create a Group Offer with Integrity for Your Client with Helena Day

The most valuable and irreplaceable asset you have is time. There comes a point in every coach’s journey where you’re booked out with one-to-one coaching, but you want to scale. In today’s episode, I’ll be helping my guest, Helena Day, scale her business model by fleshing out a group offer creation with integrity to the client transformation as well as integrity to your energy and boundaries.

Healing From Your Triggers and Limiting Money Beliefs with Lauren Stefan

One of the most common problems entrepreneurs have with the sales process is an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame as it relates to selling and receiving money. That is the problem that Lauren Stefan brought to us in this episode.

How to Transition Your Signature Program Into an Evergreen Program with Jackie Simek

Is your signature program ready to transition from a live launch model to an evergreen one? That is the question that my guest, Jackie Simek, brought to me today. After live launching her signature program a couple of times, she’s now wondering if an evergreen model is her next move.

Finding Alignment Through Honest and Clear Messaging with Jamila Tailor

Have you ever felt like your messaging isn’t as clear or compelling as you’d like it to be? So often, entrepreneurs and coaches feel like they have to make big, bold claims or huge promises. When in reality, the most effective messaging is one that is honest, clear, and aligned with you.

Selling Yourself on the Price Points that You Desire with Chloe Levana

Raising your rates can come with a lot of roadblocks. You might start to feel a little uncertainty around your new, higher rates, maybe a little imposter syndrome, and you might even wonder where the people who can pay these rates are going to come from.

Elevating Your Sales Process and Attracting the Right Clients with Denise Vernieri

So your 1:1 coaching services are fully booked out and you’re ready to launch your first group coaching program. You want to set up a safe environment, call in the right clients, and set up the right context for your group coaching journey.

Why Specificity in Your Niche and Messaging Goes a Long Way with Andrina Hutter

Specificity is the secret to attracting more clients. But how do you get specific in your niche and messaging when your portfolio of tools is incredibly multi-dimensional and diverse?


The Art of Perfecting Your Message with Abi Fox

Your messaging can work some serious magic. Not only can you attract the right clients to your offer through your messaging, but you can also create your ideal clients with it. In today’s episode, I walk my guest Abi through what messaging is and what it isn’t.


Adopting a Different Perspective on Niching with Serena Milada

Have you ever felt resistance in creating content and marketing materials for your services or offers? If you find creating content that speaks directly to your audience and their problems to be difficult, you might have a niching problem.


How to Create an Addictive Brand Experience with Luciano Armani

My guest and friend, Luciano, came to me with a problem with niching his message down so that he can attract clients more predictably. This question took us on a journey where we uncovered why your niche isn’t about you and how you can create an addictive brand experience. We talk about identifying the specific product that solves your ideal client’s pain points, but also the human essence and other skill sets you bring to the experience to create a magical mixture. If you want to attract clients more predictably and have them coming back consistently, this episode is a must. Tune in and take notes as we explore how you can create your one-of-a-kind experience for your clients.


Shifting Your Limiting Beliefs to Attract Abundance with Alexandra Holovitz

Can love and money coexist in your life? Could you possibly run a successful business while also having a thriving and healthy relationship? This is the juicy question that my guest Alexandra Holovitz brought to me today.


The Strategy of Shifting from a Live Launch to Evergreen Container with Dr. Sarah

Every business owner wants to scale and grow. But achieving those milestones require a lot of strategy and behind-the-scenes work. My guest today is Dr. Sarah Coxon. She comes to me looking for help with moving one of her signature programs into an evergreen container.


Calling In Clients Who Are Ready to Buy Right Now Through Next Level Messaging with Makayla McRorie

There’s one thing that you can do to call in and attract premium clients – elevate your messaging. I’m not talking about the nitty-gritty, strategy, and psychology behind words. Instead, I’m talking about elevating your messaging through embodying the next-level version of yourself.


The Process of Offer Creation and Innovation in the Marketplace with Snow Gross

Snow approached me with a desire to look at her offer suite as a new coach. We take a look at the different types of programs and the links on how to move people through the customer journey. First, we start by clearing up her initial concerns by diving into the pros and cons of different coaching offers. Then, we move into the real heart of the conversation where we explore the energy of offer creation and bringing something innovative to the marketplace.


From Corporate to Coach: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Feeling Powerful with Kate Walker

Transitioning from corporate into your own coaching business? This powerful episode is for you. Whether you’re coming from corporate or you’re just starting out in the coaching space, I know what it’s like to operate in your analytical brain only to have it prevent you from flourishing and flying in the coaching space.


The Different Ways to Sell Unapologetically with Christina Davis

In this episode with Christina Davis, we unpack so much more beyond the dos and don’ts of messaging. We uncover the different touchpoints in which Christina’s product suite might be missing out on, and how bringing in these offers can help guide her audience down their respective journeys. We also discuss the different ways to unlock her sales potential and how she can sell unapologetically year-round. Then, I share my hot take on why standing out might not be the best thing to focus on, what the true purpose of free content is, and why attracting a small but hyper-aligned audience is the key to sales.


Calling In Clients Who Are Ready to Buy Right Now Through Next Level Messaging with Makayla McRorie

There’s one thing that you can do to call in and attract premium clients – elevate your messaging. I’m not talking about the nitty-gritty, strategy, and psychology behind words. Instead, I’m talking about elevating your messaging through embodying the next-level version of yourself.

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