Terms of Service

No refunds are available. All payments are nonrefundable should the Client later decide not to participate in the program. Should the Client not complete full payment, access to all program materials and proprietary company materials will be revoked.

In the event that Elaina Ray International terminates this Agreement, the Company agrees the Client is not obligated to make any remaining payments for the program materials and access to the program content and proprietary company materials will also be revoked upon contract early termination.

Elaina Ray International reserves all ownership rights to the program materials. Other than for their individual use, the Client agrees to not share, copy, distribute, disseminate, or sell the materials for either commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Both Elaina Ray International and the Client agree to not take any actions, make any statements, whether oral or in writing, that negatively impact the other party’s business, services, products, or reputation.”