Introverts, You Don’t Have To Pretend To Be Someone You’re Not To Be Successful In Business.

Introverts, You Don’t Have To Pretend To Be Someone You’re Not To Be Successful In Business.

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I realized lately that I’ve been in conflict with myself for YEARS over this and this is a part of myself I haven’t shared publicly much.


Because I was worried it didn’t match the image I’m known for as a multiple 6 figure mindful business coach along with the 7 figure empire I’m building.


I was scared that other people would judge me for my introverted ways or not be able to relate to this quiet, introspective, monkish side of me. 




I love being at home. I’ve traveled to 60 countries and at my core I’m so nourished by the time I spend in my villa with my cats, reading books, writing when I’m inspired to share (like now), swimming, lovemaking with my partner…aka not doing too much.


My business and coaching itself takes a lot of creative energy (you know how it is if you’re also an introverted entrepreneur) and I LOVE IT.


It’s my purpose, it’s my fuel, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. I’m serving more people than ever in two sold out masterminds and a 1-1 private coaching practice and I love EVERY person and it’s so rewarding.


I’m not going to slow down my business growth but I do need to take plenty of time to slow down on a personal level.


So in order to do that work with the level of care for myself that’s required, I need to prioritize caretaking for my energy, my creativity, and the very few social situations that light me up (like lunch, for an hour, only with someone I love).


I need to HONOR and ACCEPT my inner cat lady. 


It took me years of beating myself up thinking I should be a different way but I’m not that way. I’m my way. And it’s perfect.


And it’s working. I’ve learned the art of self-care for personal growth in order to sustain a rapidly growing business.


Anyone else feel me on this?!


I want to let you know, if you’re an introverted entrepreneur, an introvert and a business owner, that you can have all the money and success and clients and stages to speak on AND you can be an introverted, self-honoring, reserved human being too.


Actually you must be.


Here’s your permission slip from me to you. Do what brings you peace.


It’s understandable to feel guilty if it seems like “everyone else” likes going out to big dinner parties or events and you prefer the couch, your dogs, and a healthy energetic distance from all human beings if necessary. 😅😅


Accept your inner GPS telling you to spend time alone if that’s what you need. This is PERFECT and will help you stay balanced as you prioritize your purpose and your business.


This is what will ultimately ensure you impact more people. You owe it to the business owner you are becoming.