Don’t mistake the void for reality

Don’t mistake the void for reality

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Sometimes you need to play full out right in the middle of the painstaking absence of exactly what you want.

Right now, for example, my romantic life is a void. There’s no man living in the room next to mine, no easy we-don’t-feel-like-going-out Friday night snuggles, no lover sweeping me off my feet, no nothing. Stillness. It’s sweet and perfect as it is, and it’s still an objective absence of an ultimate result I want to have eventually: deep, lifelong soulmate love.

And in this void, I decide how I want to show up. I decide the self-love I get to anchor into. How I get to talk to myself and treat myself and create exactly the experiences for me that I want my next lover to… when he’s nowhere in sight. I create the next iteration of my romantic life results right now.

I see what’s within my heart, what I know is coming, and what’s possible, even though outside looks like a vast desert abyss.

And I trust THAT inner vision. Unwaveringly.

So, business owners —

The launch that flops? The low income month? The weeks you keep putting out content but no one responds and in times like this what you want just seems so far off from where you are now that you miiight just consider throwing in the towel or questioning everything??

This is normal. It’s just a void. I have this, too.

The real question is: well who are you going to be and how are you going to show up when it looks like it’s not happening or not going to happen?

Do you hold faith in the inner vision?

Or do you believe the outside story, the temporary circumstantial evidence?

My clients always laugh and sigh a huge sigh of relief when I tell them there’s at least a few days every single month where I’m convinced my near multi-million dollar business is just going to dry up overnight, that everyone will forget about me and opt for a different coach, or that all my posts and ideas and programs are actually really lame.

Just because I sell a lot of things doesn’t mean people always buy them.

Just because I have nearly $200k cash months on a regular and predictable basis doesn’t mean I don’t fucking question myself and everything I’m doing at the same time.

Just because I had a beautiful 2.5 year relationship doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts like, “Well where am I going to find somebody who’ll top that?”

Then I decide that no matter what anything looks like externally around me,

What looks practical or reasonable,

What looks like it’s likely to occur,

Or what other people are having occur for them,

That I get to decide.

I get to give no f/cks about the current state of affairs if they are less than living up to my desires…

…because I know who I am. I know my destiny. I know who I’m meant to be and what I’m meant to have and how I’m meant to show up in the world.

So I choose to show up like THAT. Anyway. Right in the middle of the Gobi desert of launches or dating or love or health or whatever it is for you.

You stay aligned to the vision you see within yourself.

And you bring it to life, one unlikely miracle at a time.

Resonating? Drop a below if you’re actively creating a miracle from the middle of a void in your own life right now, if you’re not willing to be thrown off by what you don’t see around you but deeply trusting what you DO see *within* you. What’s yours and what’s coming, inevitably.

As long as you hold yourself with love and faith in the abyss.