You are not your business

You are not your business

Controversial opinion: You are not your business, and if you think you are, you won’t last.


This has been one of the biggest transformations I’ve made along my journey… realizing and intentionally creating my business to be a healthy, separate entity from myself. Hear me out.


I might be the voice and face of it, but my business does not rely on me to do all the work, coach all the people, make all the content, deliver all the results, and think up all the ideas. 


This has been an absolute godsend right now for me. 


For all the cute copy we write about “systems and structure” in the coaching industry, it’s like, no really, you need that shit. For times like these. For the breakup seasons, the baby-on-the-way seasons, the sudden family drama, the unexpected illness, etc.


For the human things you’re undoubtedly going to go through.


I love to do what I do and support my clients the way I do because it means you don’t have to choose. You get to be a human, you get to have the fullness of all your experiences, ups and downs, AND your business gets to consistently support and provide for you and your clients. You get to have consistent money flow, no matter what’s going on emotionally or energetically for you. 


One of my team members battled cancer this year… and we held her through the entire healing journey. She got to have a stable job, many clients, and five figure months while in a whirlwind of treatments and personal emotional strife. She did not have to choose between going through the things life brings up and having a successful business, I don’t have to choose between healing from a breakup and consistently growing my business to multiple six figure months, and you don’t have to choose between showing up strong for yourself as a vulnerable, multidimensional human and being a powerful business owner. 


The best way to guarantee this all is not a mystery, it involves building a separate little machine that churns out products and services and takes in dollar bills and grows itself sustainably. 


THIS is my word of the year. 2021 was all quantum leap this and that, 2022 is about longevity. Integration. Sustainability. Relaxed receptivity. Building the thing to LAST and thrive year after year. 


Here are some of the components that support me in this that you may want to consider establishing or upleveling around if you also desire more healthy separation and consistent flow in your work life, too:


>> Team. Obviously I don’t kid myself anymore that I can do this thing alone… and we go so much farther together. I have help with business management, client relations, marketing, sales calls, web development, actually coaching clients, podcast production, backend operations, graphic design, FB ads, and more.


>> Automated lead generation and nurturing. Even if I stopped posting inspired “live” content like this piece, I’d still be attracting new people, welcoming them into my world, serving them with free and paid content, and warming them up to see whether or not they want to work together. People I’ve never heard of consistently book calls for mastermind & private coaching with me due to these systems.


>> Systematized launches. Launching is no big deal. We are always selling because we are a business. From the moment of inspiration where I go “I want to offer THIS next!,” we have a fixed way of going about it and the steps that need to occur are documented and everyone knows what part they play. That lets me pretty much come up with the idea then deliver it, and not much in between.


>> Structured signature product suite with natural client ascension. Clients in my world consistently re-enroll in programs where they are seeing great results and/or move up to the next offer where we work in more advanced stages of their business. This makes sales even easier because people who are working well with us just opt to stay in our world.


>> Recurring monthly revenue. I have several long-term programs with payment plans and naturally a percentage of our clients choose those, which brings in a solid chunk of predictable recurring revenue every month.


>> Support coaches to help support on delivery. It’s a gamechanger to not be the only one supporting my clients’ transformation. I have specialist coaches who I’ve trained and who have their own areas of expertise who assist my clients with things like copywriting, operations, hiring, mindset work, and social media strategy. 


>> Leveraged offers with mostly group coaching. This isn’t for everyone, it just personally works well for me and my business model. I have very few calls and fixed appointments per week, like 3 or 4 tops. This gives me loads of free time to be in the CEO visionary seat of the business and doing other zone-of-genius work while actually giving MORE people access to my magic, and the magic of my team.