“Elaina I’m freaked out by how much you sell”

“Elaina I’m freaked out by how much you sell”

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“Elaina I’m freaked out by how much you sell”

Statement frequently told to me by people right before they hire me because they don’t realize how it actually works on the inside and when they find out, they are like, ok sign me up.

Here’s what you see from the outside, depending on how observant you are:

Our company posts every day on social media, without fail
We send on average two emails per day, without fail
There’s at least one free AND paid masterclass offering every month
There’s a low-end course sale every month
Our masterminds have evergreen enrollment with new clients coming in every single month
Countless other low end products, courses, and bundles are being sold either on the front end (social media) or back end (funnels)
Invitations to exclusive private coaching made regularly in strategic moments and new 1-1 clients coming in and appointing themselves to work with me and the team at that level
Backend offers and exclusive deals being made to clients who have already taken a few courses with us

Aka a lot of activity. A lot of sales.

But the truth is: My business does these things.

I do not.

We are two separate entities.

Here’s what you don’t see:

We have a strategic content repurposing system so I only write new things when I feel like it, which is often because 1) I no longer HAVE TO write to sell and 2) this is what I was born to do.
Social media posts, emails, and sales materials are pre-approved and pre-scheduled in advance. I’m literally on the beach, at kirtan, working with nourishing soulmate clients only, finishing my book, decorating my house, and seeing friends while the world learns about our work and what the company has to offer.
Automations, automations, automations.
A rockstar team of 9 setting up and selling the things for the business (that’s a big team to be fair, most of my clients have 3-4 people max and can hit up to $200k months with that).
One piece was put into place at a time, carefully, over a period of time (aka we knew what we were doing long ago and built this empire brick by brick with this final vision in mind, and it’s not done yet).
The people on my team are trained in how to move each of these pieces and can sell the things so all I need to do is say “okay this month let’s launch xyz course” and then the machine starts.
Me writing with a big smile on my face or doing lives because I’m SO excited to talk to you all, instead of 2 years ago writing with a “fcccck I need to get this done before launch” face and it sucking all the living joy out of my craft.

So we deliver this grand illusion of so much presence, so many offers, so many channels to find and work with us, and so much online time with being extremely systematized and streamlined and the CEO not being on her screen more than a couple hours/day.

This is BY DESIGN.

It took time, intention, energy, money, discipline, and inspired joy to create it.

The version of your business you sense is possible, the version where you are playing BIGGER, reaching more people, making more money, but also more in YOUR genius and creativity and bliss and more liberated from the weeds of making it all happen is real.

It’s possible.

What you see is your guidance system. It’s available to you. You wouldn’t sense it if it weren’t telling you “hi, I’m here, do you want to play at this level and see what’s possible or what?”

Should your answer be yes and you know you want to be held in your creation of that version of your reality, send me a message. Let’s talk about how our masterminds and high level mentorship can scale your magic and bring more support, ease, freedom, organization, and massive unleashed creative flow to your life… inside and outside of your business.