Bali Sales Objection Guide

Bali Sales Objection Guide

 Bali Sales Objection Guide


  • I’d love to sign up but unfortunately Mercury is in retrograde conjunct Saturn in the 7th house. Didn’t you know?
  • I need to consult with my guides. I have 47 of them so I need some time to really sit with this and hear what comes through.
  • I’m getting a tingling sensation in my right kidney, where the Archangel Michael channels through me, so I’m going to need to tune in to what he’s saying first.
  • I’m just going to work with my energy healer on my business for some time and see how that feels.
  • I need to open the Akashic records first before I make this decision… Do you have a few minutes? Let me go grab my sage. 
  • I’m still integrating from my last Ayahuasca ceremony and the spirit of plant medicine is asking me to move in a completely different direction. 
  • I asked my womb and I feel some chords from 3 generations back on my mother’s side and I want to focus on healing and removing these trans generational wounds before I serve others.
  • Thanks for this. For now, I’m just going to set a powerful intention to manifest the money so I can join your program.


Are you laughing… or crying because you hear this stuff a liiiiittle too often? Fortunately, I don’t get many of these kinds of sales objections anymore. I’ve honed my energetic boundaries and my messaging to be so clear that even the most spiritual and gifted members of my community don’t pull these classic “this is a sales objection” cards on me anymore. I see through it, and in reality, they do too. 


But I used to get them all the time and some of my clients still do. When this comes up, your work is to learn to 


  1. a) navigate these sales objections gracefully without offending someone and while not letting them get away with using cray-cray excuses to avoid the discomfort of navigating necessary and helpful change in their lives 


and b) to move away from attracting people who say stuff like this in the first place. Nothing wrong with it, just not my tribe and maybe not yours either. 


In the rare cases I hear something of this flavor, I’m not afraid to call it out, speak into it, and invite this person into a more grounded way of looking at things that’s in service of their highest good. I invite you to learn to do the same. 


Here’s the truth about all these sales objections: 


They all involve the person looking outside of themselves.


They all reflect a deeper lack of self-trust, or a lack of choosing to flex the muscle of self-trust, which will later become an impediment to the coaching process itself. 


They all involve an unhelpful abdication of their power around decision-making. (The truth is: they know the answer.) 


These excuses ignore the fact that your client doesn’t need to become fully healed or “pure” or perfect before they start serving others. (My truth around this: If you’re called, you’re called, imperfectly as you are, and you have exactly what’s required in this moment to move forward. Healing and evolving and learning more is a continuous process flowing constantly throughout your life and work.)


And they all involve this person seeking a false sense of security and a felt sensation of “readiness” that simply doesn’t exist when it comes to creating change as a human, taking a risk, and/or opening up a new chapter. 


Which is a recipe for repeating patterns, stuckness, soupiness, and an ungroundedness that leads to a lack of results. Because as you and I both know: there is no ready, there is no all-knowing confirmation, and there are no guarantees. In life, business, relationship, anything.


Jokes aside, you want to attract the clients ready to move with you, right? 


If you desire help handling objections in your sales process, whether through DMs or calls, I have a training called The Ultimate Objection Handling masterclass ($222) that you can purchase here on my website. 


It goes into rich detail on handling all the usual suspects (time, lack of money, uncertainty, partners, and how to tackle spiritual wishy-washiness etc) not with just a clever scripted rebuttal but about teaching you the deeper energetics about how to say the thing, name the elephant in the room, and have The Real Conversation with a potential client that builds trust, softens their defenses, and unwinds patterns that prevent them from investing in your valuable work.