My exponentially increasing wealth is a simple byproduct of my fascination with growth

My exponentially increasing wealth is a simple byproduct of my fascination with growth

I view my exponentially increasing wealth in my life and my business to be a simple byproduct of my non-stop fascination with my evolution as a human being.


I don’t try to grow in order to make more money, either. I grow for growth’s sake and the money responds to my ever-increasing power, self-expression, and certainty. So does yours.


That is the only reality I choose to live in and when I look at my most successful millionaire clients, this is the attitude and position they take (and sometimes deviate from but then remember who they are and come back to center and then make a lot more money, just like I’ve had to forget this all and have my mentors to there to lovingly remind me).


I never set out to have a million dollar business by 31.


I did not get here by watching what my mentors do, replicating their model, following their footsteps, checking the boxes, having beautiful branding, hiring exactly the right people, and mathematically working out where every dollar would come from to hit this milestone.




I got here by envisioning the way I wanted it to work and run and feel and creating exactly that, strategy-wise. My strategy works because it’s a perfect fit and tailor-made for me. Your strategy will work when it’s custom made for your unique preferences and desires as a business owner.


I got here by looking at the life I wanted to live and being sensible about the real world resources it would require to have the experiences in this world I want to have and removing any blocks for knowing that those experiences are already mine and done and perfectly placed on my heart for a reason.


I got where I am by wanting to be surrounded by more and more inspiring people.


It was a natural, effortless decision to seek out mentorship and masterminds – and create them for others – that would provide a reflection chamber of awesomeness and motivation and cool allies and collaborators in my life who naturally raised the bar on what I felt able to have and hold and be worthy of.


Raising the standards for who I interacted with and how I sought them out instead of waiting for them to magically come to me changed the game.


And I got here by being fascinated by my inner world, by my shit as a leader and mentor, by my projections, by my writing, my creativity, how my mind works – and wanting to better understand it all.


Wanting to see how I could become a more healed person so I could be a safer place to serve the transformation of others.


Wanting to see where I was holding back and how I could be more honest and bold and real in my writing and sharing online.


Wanting to see what would occur for me as I faced my fears of people’s judgements and rejections and misunderstandings of my work… ooh, that’s where the soul stretches the most.


The more I stretched and inquired and got curious and got support and reflections from people I admired and respected (and selectively so), the more I grew as a vibration of light.


And the more brightly I vibrated and shined, the more money I attracted by way of more people wanting to be around the light and to be in my field which was getting more and more cleaned out and feeling more and more good and sweet and nourishing and activating and contagiously wonderful for the right people.


That’s it, my love. That’s how it works.