Running a high level coaching business isn’t an easy job

Running a high level coaching business isn’t an easy job

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Of course you want the big revenue months and big audience and easily booked out programs and the lifestyle to go with it.


So do a lot of people. But a lot of people don’t get it.


Because they aren’t willing to do what it really takes. So when you say you want these things, you’ve got to be willing to ask: 


Are you ready to actually be different and rise up and do the work and claim the thing you say you want “someday?”  


It takes relentless self-work. Coaches, therapists — a team of people you see EVERY WEEK, who make you brutally honest with yourself and hold you as you do the necessary and uncomfortable things.


A huge appetite and tolerance for risk. You will have roller coaster income. You will have to leave the comfort of financial stability before you’re ready, guaranteed. 


Confronting AF situations, humans projecting on you, haters, nightmare clients. We’re working with PEOPLE on the delicate things they want most and people are weird. It’s real out here, so you better have a soul-level commitment to your mission to hold you through it.


Big, bold investments before you’re ready. There’s no waiting until you have all the money to make the investment, 99% of the time you need the investment to teach you how to make the money you say you want. 


Continuing to work at it even when the external world throws boulders at you (breakups, global pandemics, health challenges, international moves, family deaths…) are you STILL willing?


We’re all going to have to run a business alongside a diverse and chaotic personal life no matter what, so no time like the present to buckle up and learn to be the CEO of a business that stands steady apart from the day to day human ups and downs. 


Running a high level coaching business isn’t an easy job. 


It takes a very particular kind of person to succeed here and go all the way to the top.


For me, it’s never been about the money. It’s about seeing who I had to become to be the leader of a group of people, of a business, of an idea at the next level.


Then watching all my shit come up. And getting to work on it and become a bigger, stronger, clearer, more confident, embodied, RADIANT version of myself 💫


Money, clients, opportunities, visibility all love that radiance.


It’s a radiance polished by resistance. By weathering a few storms. By embracing and triumphing through the chaos of the entrepreneurship life and LOVING it, every step of the way.


Because I love who I’ve gotten to become as a woman and as a leader in order to be a millionaire. 


That LOVE for my deeper soul journey through the business is what makes the big revenue months, attracts the audience, books out the programs, and forms the basis of the lifestyle I’ve dreamed into existence.


If you have that or cultivate that yourself, you’re on your way to a path that many know of, who many covet what is rumored to live at the end of such path…


…yet few actually walk it, step after step after step, loving the path itself.