How to Keep Your Business Thriving When There’s a Global Pandemic Going On?

How to Keep Your Business Thriving When There’s a Global Pandemic Going On?

I’ve been asked this essential question behind the doors of my mastermind and private client coaching sessions for the last several weeks as we are all adjusting to a society and economy that is undeniably functioning differently right now. If you like this, make sure to get in real-time touch with me over on my Facebook community, Soul-Level Shifts, where I do weekly free trainings on topics just like this one. You can also follow my life in Bali on Instagram @heyelainaray and DM me anytime to say hi! Btw every year I launch a business mastermind for entrepreneurs looking to grow to 6-figures and beyond, so stay tuned to find out when the next round launches. If you’re interested in strategic 1-1 support, you can also apply for a 6-month mentorship. I would love to work with you now or in the future! Drop me a line if this blog helps you. ~ Elaina 


First of all, this is a powerful moment to learn to cultivate your leadership, self-care, and the ability to masterfully regulate your own life force energy.

You will see me use this word *cultivate* a lot right now. It means to do something with deliberate and empowered action. Not waiting for something to change outside or being reliant on what’s going on externally, but mastering the INTERNAL shifts you need to make to be in a healthy, abundant, and vibrant state of being regardless of what’s going on around you.

I believe the coronavirus wave is an awakening and initiation for all of us, and especially for my lightworkers, empaths, teachers, and healers out there… this is a portal to opening and deepening your gifts.

You also know that like attracts like, so whether you believe this is the beginning of the end and have 6 months of TP and are starting your own permaculture farm in your backyard or you think it’s all a total conspiracy and some combination of aliens, 5G, Donald Trump, and the Illuminati are behind it, you will find your people.

Who are you becoming a match for right now?

Personally, I’m working on not being drawn to either the nervous breakdown or spiritual bypassing ends of the spectrum and instead cultivating a resonance with the likeminded souls who accept what’s going on, surrender to what’s outside of our control, take the spiritual lessons as well as the public health precautions, and also see many exciting possibilities for collaboration, generosity, innovation, and New Earth-type work that is WELL within our control.

I also see that business, for those of us blessed with the skills of running well-positioned online businesses, can continue going very well with some graceful adjustments.

I’m continuing to get clients, pay my team, make investments in other programs, hire people, and keep money flowing and circulating because I’m in a position to do so — and it’s important that those of us who are continue to do that.

It’s also important for us to double-down on our efforts to share our gifts widely, be generous with those who are not in the same economic position, and move forward with intention, momentum, and compassion in our work.

Abundance is very much still flowing.

My clients and I are still thriving and getting incredible results in spite of current disruptions to the norm.

Couldn’t we all just sit holed up in our homes and feel it’s pointless to create and that no one will buy anything we have to offer right now? But we don’t.

Below are the 3 things that my clients and I have in common that you can adopt at this time:


❤️ 1. We take radical responsibility to ground into leadership and CULTIVATE life force energy.

We are not looking around at everyone else, but stepping up ourselves from a space of love, generosity, joy, gratitude, and hope. We are showing up as the Faithkeepers of our tribes and PEOPLE WANT TO BE AROUND THAT. We are holding the visions of our work in the world through our businesses and letting this time amplify our gifts and creativity.


❤️ 2. We move from survival to creation mode.

We realize that many people are in self-preservation mode. This camp is anxious, fearful, and survival-centric. They are consuming the mass media and anyone and everyone’s energy and ideas.

My people are highly intentional about what information goes in and what comes out. We know the opposite of survival is CREATION and we are showing up as powerful leaders able to provide services to help uplift those in a disempowered state, and we are also operating in a wavelength of like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs who are very much still circulating value, money, ideas, and good spirits. Like attracts like!


❤️ 3. We are strategically contextualizing our work and our offers to the world.

None of us are ignoring what’s going on. It’s profound. And we are still offering our services with the knowing that what we do is even more valuable now than ever. I want more people to have successful online businesses that let them make money doing what they love instead of going into a soul-sucking day job or being dependent on someone else for a paycheck.


My wellness experts want more people to prioritize direct and empowering knowledge and practices about their health — especially now!

My relationship and intimacy workers want more people to be in harmonious connection with their beloveds while they are at home and use this time to strengthen their marriages, families, and sex life.

My life coaches know people are having breakdowns and coming up against painful, urgent, and sudden transitions, and they are well positioned to help those individuals navigate this time with grace so their lives can be even better on the other side.

And most importantly, we aren’t doing it alone.

I have my mentors who I lean into and I’m in 2 programs to support my business right now (and continuing to pay). I’m selective about who I let weigh in and thankful for the people championing me right now. My clients have me and our shared space is high vibe, strategic, supportive, and soul-centered. When they have to hold space for everybody else, they have somewhere to come and get resourced themselves.

I’m also not pretending to be superhuman and neither are my clients.

That’s where I want to leave this off. It’s freaking intense out there right now. I’m seeing scary things, experiencing deep emotions, and living in a foreign country on top of it all. My clients have been sick, discouraged, doubtful, and fearful as well. We’re not any different than anyone else with a soul running around in a bag of skin and water right now.

The difference is the choices we’re making about how to show up for ourselves and our communities.

We’re using every tool in our toolkits to learn, grow, and succeed right now. It’s not easy but this is why I am so passionate about helping people do the same and why I’ve made it my life’s work to help people navigate transition, uncertainty, personal development, and entrepreneurship for the last 5 years.

That mission is only getting clearer and stronger by the day.



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