Moving without hustle (So many of us have hustle trauma from our high achieving corporate days)

Moving without hustle (So many of us have hustle trauma from our high achieving corporate days)

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​​It’s a part of myself I used to feel ashamed of.

Because we seem to expect people to fit into neat little categories in this online world, and many of you may have squashed yourself down a little bit into one tidy little niche, tidy little message, tidy little Instagram description.

Even now I feel a new layer of that shame of certain parts of the truest ways I think and operate and move in the world coming undone and these parts of me bubbling over more into the world.

Yesterday it occurred to me as I was listening to one of my mentor’s video trainings around automations (I’m doing a lot more in my business and with clients right now around passive and automated income since we’re scaling so fast)… what a marvelous amazing audacious freak of nature I really am.

She was off on a tangent in the video about seriously like, the weather, but I was so tapped into the vibe of it all and was channeling idea after idea after crazy amazing idea.

New programs we’re going to be launching.

New super feel good and super monetized sales funnels.

New messaging rolling out.

New innovative formats for delivery.

New unleashing of more of ME that gets to come out with every single thing we do as a company.

New systems I’m creating with my team.

And I’m NOT the type of person to sit on an idea and wait and like, think about it or question it or wonder if it’s good enough.

I just literally go and execute.

I am NOT a perfectionist.

There is no pride in hiding behind that.

My company has been built to 7 figures FAST not because I hustled and killed myself to do it (couldn’t be father from the truth) but because I allow my genius to flow in and OUT into the world in one constant uninterrupted stream.

Because I move fast.

I make big, fast, powerful, edgy decisions for us.

I am the type of CEO who’s channeling ideas on one side of my brain and literally picking up the Voxer and sending my team the instructions to get it implemented for tomorrow.

I’m the type of person who is listening to this extremely high level training on automations and not go all eyes glazed over and feeling that it’s beyond me or a burden to my soul or energy or any other crazy story, I just literally press pause on the training, open my notes, type out a super aligned email and offer, and send it to my team to chuck it in there today.



That’s the vibe.

Then the next day, sales come in from it.

The next day, humans are served by it.

That very next day, we just added in an income stream I’ll never have to think about ever again.

And honestly? It takes this kind of FIRE to move and create a business at these levels.

I just do. the. damn. thing.

How my most successful clients raking in six figures of new income in just a few months, how almost every single Diamond client had a six figure launch this last round, how some of those past clients had over $230K+ single instance launches with us co-creating together and MOVING…

How they do this is because they quite simply do the damn thing.

They don’t sit on the inspiration.

They don’t sit on the ideas.

They don’t indulge their own stories (for very long, we’re all human).

They just DECIDE how it’s going to be for them and they execute like bosses.





Sometimes I feel almost ashamed of this part of me who is able to move so fast, so powerfully, so decisively about just about everything.

Even in my relationship, Rene and I met and within 4 days we were in a committed relationship and he moved across the globe to live in Bali with me. I just KNOW. I just say YES.

At pretty insane levels. Frequently.

So honestly, when I think of sharing more of this part of me THIS explicitly and vulnerably, I wonder, “If I talk more about this part of me, will all the people who don’t feel like that feel bad about themselves? Will I be totally unrelatable? Will people not want to work with me because they’ll be intimidated somehow?”

I’m sure you have a part of yourself that you feel that way about. That you think is intimidating or too much.

This is one of those little slices for me. Because then the truth came in:

I’ve GOT to share this part of me because the women who are wired this way too need to find me… because we’re going to blow shit up and create wild magic together because of how we both operate.

I’ve GOT to share this inner world of how I move and think and operate because my work is to really activate the right people to be more like this when they want to be more in this energy themselves.

Forward motion.

Getting the work out there.

Letting their soul speak and their feet follow…fast, to keep up with the divine instructions.

Abnormally high achieving.

And here comes the mixed bag of you can’t put me in a box —

I get all the energetics. I do all the magnetism work. I’m tuned into my body. My health has never been better than when I’m quantum leaping in my business. I incorporate the feminine energy aspects too.

So many of us have hustle trauma from our high achieving corporate days before we woke up and rearranged all that.

The fact is you can do it differently now than you could back then.


You can MOVE without hustle.

You can execute like an absolute badass the way I do without it becoming a story about that being “too masculine.”

I simply don’t have time for all that nonsense in the farther reaches of the “spiritual business” community.

I’m spiritual, but I toss out that label now. I’ve been doing the real work so damn long without wearing crystals around my neck that it’s so irrelevant.

I’m a businesswoman, and an apologetic mover and shaker.

I can be all the damn things without someone telling me that’s too much.

Where are my FIERY ass powerful women really MOVING in your business and yes being spiritual and connected and embodied and all of that because that part of us is just an “OF COURSE” and it doesn’t need to be so hyped up, we can just get down to business allowing those parts of us to accompany the work at all the level we ascend to.

Here’s to being the whole wonderful mixed bag of surprises and paradoxes and nuance and spice.