Featherlight online business strategy that feels good

Featherlight online business strategy that feels good

I think there’s a popular misconception that using strategy in your online business means you need to take ALL of the strategy there is and drop something that has the texture of a chain-linked fence over your creative genius, all heavy and clunky and smothering.


This concept of strategy being featherlight came to me the other day…


as I was in the waking-dreaming state of a mid afternoon nap in my favorite luxury hotel near the ocean, drool running down my cheek seemingly a key to unlocking wisdom. I write all my best stuff when I’m relaxed.


To me, in an era where it is ever-so-trendy to say “it’s not the strategy, it’s the ENERGY” that sells in your business, I’ve stood even more firm in my position as a strategist at heart.


Because as I see it, OBVIOUSLY it’s your energy that actually sells your stuff, for sure, but without the right strategy, without SUBSTANCE, and a few good intentional and well-calculated moves, you’re going to be a juicy blob of prosperous, quantum, magnetic, queen energy… without much of a plan. 


Magnetic, creative women like you, who are forces of nature, bright lights, and bold movers who have so many of the right things going for you, can active, activate, activate all you want,


but if there’s no PRECISION, the fire can get a little overwhelming. Messy even.


One of my mentors used to say, “you don’t want to grow a mess, you want to grow a business.”


And day after day my inbox speaks of only partially satisfied women, who are out there drinking in the feminine, the calibration, the activations and feeling juiced up, but directionless. Feeling inspired, but still lacking the legitimate skills it takes to manage an online business and scale the empire past a certain “dream it up, fling it out, capture them with your natural charisma, soak in the bathtub, celebrate your big numbers, and repeat” kind of a rough business model.


There’s actually an unmet desire for the masculine that I see, a craving from so many of you to have something behind your business that you can sink your teeth into, new concepts to learn, data to dig into every once in a while, dare I say a spreadsheet or two even turns you on once you get into it! 🙂 


A yearly plan that predicts your revenue, creates a reliable customer journey that multiplies conversions and re-enrollments, and a few behind-the-scenes, proven-to-ease-things-up launch SOPs so you can finally have a whole team that can run things without you breathing down their necks and changing your approach every 8 weeks based on your latest mentor’s high level course and a few flashes of inspiration. 


Passive income? A few funnels? Automated lead generation?


Gosh how YUMMY would that be?! 


I remain a proud voice for the substance and masculine of business, the real world skillset that being a CEO requires everywhere, coaching bubble very much included. 


Because you crave it, too. 


It’s sexy AF to know the right moves to make as the head of your own company. It’s sexy to build for the future and to build things to LAST.


This is why I like this word to invite you into my world of strategy. 




Strategy like this serves you everywhere else in your life.


Like knowing exactly the angle to set your baby down so she doesn’t wake up and start crying again.


Like knowing the perfect moment to speak to your partner about the investment you want to make.


Strategy in your business in my flavor is a few slight, highly customized attunements… 


Like creating a more leveraged product suite that reduces you being on Zoom calls delivering by 30%. 


Or inserting ONE powerful premium offer that’s positioned in just the right way in your calendar year along an intentional customer journey that you don’t even need to launch it. A multiple six figure earner program that just fills itself from the backend! 


Like looking at the data (without fear!) and seeing where the clients are actually coming from and exactly what point they are converting at so you do less spraying and more intentional driving of traffic to your 


A course you put a funnel behind and add 5 figures or more of passive income every single month for the rest of your life that you had to do absolutely nothing except create the thing intelligently from the beginning.


The one, right, properly trained hire a little ahead of the curve that prevents a 3 month plateau or burn out. 


It’s absolutely delicious. 


And when you combine this with your prosperous, activated, calibrated, feminine energy queen vibes type of goodness, you’ve got a formula the rest of the world, outside of the coaching scene included, just can’t even fuck with. 


You get the kind of numbers like me and my clients where our accountants and portfolio managers squint and do double takes and get on the phone like… “well it’s just that we just don’t see coaches making this kind of money, this consistently, over this length of time…. and keeping it.”


I’m a best of both worlds kind of woman.


I like my witchy manifestation, champagne bubble baths, creative explosions, and inspired rampages.

And I like having smart products I don’t have to touch that sell in my sleep.


I like knowing the energy of money intimately… and teaching it.

And I like knowing how to manage my money and having a diversified long-term portfolio.


I like writing my content from a feel-good, leisurely, luxurious vibe. 

And I like having a system that repurposes and leverages my body of work so I don’t “have to” write all the time and feel like a monkey dancing on some corner of the Internet for money.


It gets to be the best of both. You get to be all of you. No chain-linked fence in sight.