Not just a coach anymore… but the CEO of a coaching company

Not just a coach anymore… but the CEO of a coaching company

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I’m sharing this with you because there’s going to be just a few of you in the industry who read this and it’s going to give you great permission.


There will be a sparkle in the tummy, a flutter in the heart… an injection of LIFE FORCE and creativity and new inspiration into your current business.


Here’s the little backstory.


Today I was on the phone catching up with an old friend from Sweden who I met doing a Vipassana in India about 6 years ago. We’ve been to Burning Man twice together, hitchhiked on the west coast of the US, and both met the men of our lives at the same little community in Sweden.


We were the epitome of freewheeling broke hippies nooooot that long ago. And wow, the memories are so magical. I would trade those days for absolutely NOTHING.


She married that man and has a daughter now.

I’ve met my beloved, planted roots on an island on the other side of the world, and have grown my passion/business at the speed of fluttering hummingbird wings.


We’re the same humans, just living different types of lives now.


So today she asked me: “What is like? How did you do it? It’s been so amazing to watch you grow!”


I thought for a moment, quietly looking down at the dewey Balinese grass, and then turned back to her adorable blonde hair blue eyed Swedish face on the other side of the world and said:


“Yeah, it feels so right and natural. I really committed. I committed to my dream and applied myself in this direction and found my own way to do what I’ve always wanted to do. And lately I’ve really turned from being just a coach into the CEO of a real coaching company. I never thought I’d have that. And THAT’s what’s turning me on right now.”


And I felt the sparkle in my tummy.


The excitement and joy that comes from really being on mission.


The delight in the utter chaos and challenge and delight in being the brains of an operation.


Who relishes in the higher level thinking and decision-making.

Who loves running a team.

Who loves the next level marketing and planning and market positioning and all that fun stuff.

Who loves everyone she surrounds herself with.

Who loves having the final say, and the right to change her mind (and oh boy do I ever).


I still love coaching, don’t get me wrong, and I still coach my group masterminds and the occasssssional 1-1 client who invests very deeply in our work together, but coaching 10-15 Zoom calls/week like back when I was just pulling this whole circus together was downright suffocating.


It really sucked the joy out what was my craft.


Now I invest much more of my time and energy into teaching — bigger programs, courses, masterclasses, free trainings — and other forms of content that reach and help my soulmate people.


I’ve trained my absolute world-class team in my methodology and we have co-created our own by working with the hands-down best practices of the online marketing and coaching spaces.


I am geeking out like crazy on automated systems, leveraged income streams, and next level business planning that is going to take us to the multi-millions and grow this company to serve a multiplication of the numbers of clients we serve now.


Yep, I run a company that basically believes in our people’s dreams and supports them with practical and spiritual tools to do so faster, more easefully, with more of themselves being brought out into their work, and with more money so they have the resources at their fingertips that they need and desire.


And proud of it.


I know there’s those of you reading this who are by many definitions successful coaches.


And it’s like, not the end goal for you. Just that isn’t doing it for you.


You want to really run a company.


A million dollar, multimillion dollar company, not just for the money (but make no mistake you get lots of it and you can use it however you deem fit, screw the conditioning) but for most importantly WHO YOU GET TO BECOME as you grow into being That Person.


Your CEO version of yourself.


Your inner millionaire getting the external resources to match who you’ve always known yourself to be and what you’re worthy of doing and having and experiencing and sharing and achieving.


Not everyone is going to even read to this part in the post.


They’ll drop off like little rose petals…


But you’re still reading.


You’re hooked.


You want the CEO upgrade. The transmission of how to really make a company out of the work you’re already doing.


You want to scale.

To reach more people every day. To evolve yourself into deeper layers of your leadership.

A team.

To be a household name, just say it.


It’s okay, it’s safe to want all that.

It’s safe to not want it either.


There’s more where that came from.