5 practices to activate your ability to receive more abundance

5 practices to activate your ability to receive more abundance

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One of my main practices of the moment is intentionally expanding my ability to receive (and I want to share 5 practices to activate this more within you, too).

Story time. Earlier this week I had a muscle injury in my back and went to see my trusted bodyworker who thankfully fixed me up and put me back together. He left me with the instructions to take a hot bath with Epsom salts to help complete the treatment, which I desired so much!

Unfortunately our brand new house has only one big flaw: there’s no bathtub (yet!).

So I came home (and truly with zero agenda) shared my experience with the bodyworker and his instructions with Rene, who immediately was like “You need a bath for your back? Okay baby hold on.”

10 minutes later he finds me and says, “After dinner pack your book and your salts, I’ve found you a private bath!”

Shortly thereafter, we’re walking into a beautiful villa, Rene is lighting candles and pouring me a bath, which I got to soak in and read my book and he did his own stuff on the couch.

Can you imagine?! What an incredible man! What a beautiful, thoughtful romantic gesture.

Even a year ago I would not be able to receive this kind of gesture of love.

I would have not wanted to bother him or have him spend money to find another villa for the night (just for a bath for heaven’s sake). I also wouldn’t have even noticed or honored my desire for a bath as much as I did or I would have thought it was “no big deal.”

It is a big deal. My desires, big or small, matter. And so do yours.

Just this week I’ve opened up to receive:

– Girlfriends planning and inviting me to a party that I had desired to go to for weeks, bottle service included! It was the full vision of what I had been wanting to manifest and was planning to organize myself… but the universe did me one better. I got everything I wanted and all I had to do was show up dressed and ready to dance!

– Rene treating me to lunch and a massage spontaneously on Monday after I got back from the girls weekend.

– Finding a crypto expert who’s able to help us with trading and increasing our portfolio in a really smart and abundant way.

– Calling in 2 new soulmate support coaches on my team with very little efforting who feel so aligned to our mission.

– Receiving soulmate clients who already want to renew before our current program even ends! And without any prompting from my side!

– A ridiculous amount of feline love from my favorite cat (watch my IG stories if you’re a cat lover, she’s the BEST). She literally curled up on my pillow with me this morning, held my hand, and gazed into my eyes for an hour. I’ve always desired a cat I could bond with so deeply.

– New invitations for friendship and women I love reaching out to me to hang out and get to know each other more, which feels heart-warming every time.

– An email from a current client that literally moved me to tears, expressing her overflow of joy and support from being in our mastermind and reading about how well she’s doing was so much goodness to receive.

And so much more.

My receiving practice is very conscious as well, so there are steps I can share with you if you want to amplify your own feminine energy to receive more this week. Here’s the overview:

#1. I decide to open up to receive. I know it doesn’t just happen at the whim of the universe, I know I choose it and I decide to become available for more love, money, recognition, sweetness, furriness, and happiness. It really is that simple.

#2. I lead with my energy and tune into my desires. We’re not taught to do this in our society very well. I let my body and heart speak up for anything big or small I want to have, do, or experience.

#3. I start the flow. I give to myself so I can practice giving and receiving from myself first. That means taking the absolute best care of myself and spoiling myself as a priority. Bodywork, manicures, shopping trips, healthy food, sauna, massages, favorite meals, perfume when I feel like it, beautiful lingerie I buy for myself, etc.

#4. Cherry on top principle. Then when my partner or friends or clients show up to offer love, abundance, or support it’s an amazing bonus. It’s just a MATCH for the level of generosity and sweetness I’m already giving to myself.

#5. Money work. I consistently work my money energy, every day. I decide to become available for more and choose to believe it can come readily and easily and that life is on board with me having more and becoming more, always. I clear any beliefs or distortions from the absolute truth of abundance that arise.

#6. I revel in the afterglow. I give myself time to digest beautiful and meaningful experiences of receiving, especially when they are landing at my upper limit of what I’m used to being available for. I find very specific sensory details or moments that impacted me and I share them with the giver or reflect on it myself. This step helps continue to feed the sequence and keep it a recurring, ever expanding cycle.