Creating a life where we’re exclusively doing the things we love (as much as possible)

Creating a life where we’re exclusively doing the things we love (as much as possible)

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The biggest intentional time savers in my life do much more than save me time, they elevate the QUALITY of my energetic state.


When I’m able to direct my energy in the exact direction I choose as close to 24 hours per day as possible, I’m in the driver’s seat, flying in the lane of my zone of genius and connected to my desires.


And then I’m a miracle magnet. I’m a clear channel. The guidance I can give my clients is bang-on. The quality of the lovemaking with my partner is so much more profound. My intentionally chosen friendships feel nourishing and fun. I can write and create inspiring content in just a few minutes.


Basically, I feel like I’m plugged into the MOTHERSHIP.


This, to me, is the new paradigm in action. Creating a life and career and relationships where we’re exclusively doing the things we love as much as possible.


What a rite of passage in the human race this is, and I believe it’s where we’re going: an economy where all beings are plugged in and operating at their highest frequency energy and able to exclusively focus on what brings them joy and abundance naturally follows.


We’re already seeing so much evidence of this way of being on Planet Earth that it blows my mind.


Now on to the practical side of this.


Here are a few of the biggest time savers that have clearly elevated the frequency of my energy and improved my business tenfold.


Some of these were an intimidating level of investment of money and time at the beginning, but they were done with the intention and belief that they will always pay off dividends (and they have).


#1. Committing to living in one country, in one house.


I was a huge traveler before I settled down and like most people in my network I was born with a big wanderlust gene. After living abroad and moving around non-stop for 5 years and 60 countries, I realized I was depleting my life force and distracting myself from my calling. I still travel (well, in normal times) but I notice a clear difference in my body when I’m at home in my sanctuary vs. when I’m wasting hours being uselessly bounced around in transit somewhere.


#2. Committing to one partner.


There is a big connection between commitment and abundance (subject for another post) so finally being called to sacred union helped to channel all of my sexual energy into one elevated container where it’s constantly nourishing both of us and supporting our missions. Not to mention giving up dating, the hours on Tinder, and the emotional drain from incompatible partners.


#3. Having an espresso machine in my house.


It’s the big things and the little ones, ladies and gentlemen. Not having to ever be distracted by a coffee craving and not needing to leave the house, hunt down a cafe, or arrange a delivery of a latte is CLUTCH.


#4. Hiring staff to clean, grocery shop, and run errands for us.


At first I had resistance. Like what, I’m too good to go buy shampoo now? Then I realized that the hour I’m using to handle these mundane tasks or wash dishes was one less hour per day I had available to either rest, learn, think up another million dollar idea, do an impactful IG live to 4,000 people, attract a new high paying client, or literally change someone’s life in a session. The costs became too high to not delegate these tasks to someone else who is happy with an easy part-time job that helps support their own dreams.


#5. Taking the time to train everyone on my team, especially my operations manager.


Hiring the people isn’t the hard part. It’s training them. It’s managing them. It’s investing in their knowledge of your business and creating clarity around your desires. I know that every time I hire someone, it’s going to be hours and weeks and months of my time and energy going into helping them learn the ropes (and being clear about what the ropes are).


But I set them up to succeed. Yes, it’s a bit of an initial up-front energy commitment (there’s that theme again) but the payoff is massive. I’m also highly forgiving of my team. I expect mistakes and we fix them easily. I give them generous transition time into my world. I try to support them as individuals outside of my business as best as I can. I value them highly and know I couldn’t do what I do without them.


#6. Newsfeed blocker app for Facebook so I never scroll.


Need I say more?


#7. Having a cook at home.


We estimate we save 2-3 hours per day by not thinking about what to eat, chopping vegetables, cooking, eating, or going out to eat (not to mention the cumulative effects of eating unhealthy restaurant food). Our cook has changed the game for us by planning our meals and delivering them at the same time every day, which our body rhythms love.


I didn’t hire all of this help at once, keep in mind. I’ve introduced one layer of support at a time and sometimes leaned into a hire that felt scary but I just knew it was helping me get ahead of the curve so I could serve at the level I was being called to serve at. 


The beautiful part of working in the transformational industry as an entrepreneur is that it’s literally your job to have as much free time as possible so you can be learning, exploring, channeling, creating, and tapping into the universal knowledge bank to bring to your clients and your company.


This is not an ordinary career. It’s a career dedicated to the embodiment of a higher way of being and holding the example for more and more people to step into it, too. We do this when our energy is crystal clear, nourished, abundant, and spacious.