What it takes to achieve your wealth and abundance goals

What it takes to achieve your wealth and abundance goals

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The frequency of abundance is something so clear and potent and obvious for me now, but it was foreign and mysterious to me in the past.

It wasn’t always Bali dream villas, real estate investments, 6 figure coaching months, a personal and professional support team who is out of this world, the ability to go into any store I love and not look at the price tags and just buy what I really love, 5 star honeymoon suites with my beloved, being a donor and supporter of my favorite causes, creating jobs and opportunities for others, living in a community with more like minded and soul-aligned people than I can ever truly befriend.

This frequency of “there’s more than enough” in every area of my life — love, business, visibility, health, wealth — was something I saw other people tapping into, but it didn’t come naturally to me.

For some time in my life, I felt like an outsider looking in, like a small child pressed up against the glass watching the rich family in the neighborhood eat a 5 course meal while she went home to make peanut butter and jelly for herself.

Growing up, my mother would go to the bank every week, pull out the very small amount of cash that was leftover after she paid the bills, and divide it (with SINGLE dollar bills) into envelopes titled things like: Christmas, birthdays, gas money, dinner out, car repairs, and emergency fund.

We always had enough, but just enough.

We “made do” with what we had.

We stretched the dollar.

We saved but never dreamed about how to create more.

We were not a family of entrepreneurs.

I am so grateful for the way I grew up because I learned the value of a dollar, of saving, of being intentional with money, of being respectful of it, and of always giving back no matter how little there was for us. My mom always found a way to send $20 to someone who needed it more.

But the idea of overflow or abundance or having “more than enough” or “more than we needed’ was a completely foreign concept.

The idea of associating money with play, desire, expansion, ease? Noooo way, you earned a badge of honor only for STRUGGLE, not for DESIRE and FUN and CIRCULATION and OVERFLOW.

The idea that our financial reality was something we chose to perpetuate from the past or consciously adjust and uplift going into the future? Foreign concept.

The idea that abundance should be the god-given default and anything else was simply requiring intention and decision and learning to adjust? Too hard to swallow. Too confronting.

I had to learn these concepts as an adult.

I had to teach myself this way of being as an entrepreneur.

I had to DECIDE that this was something I would invest in learning about and changing from people who had money habits I admired.

I had to CHOOSE to set aside time, money, and energy to expose myself to new tools and mindsets and energies around wealth that expanded me.

I had to CONFRONT myself at every pivotal moment of my adult financial development and do the work to evolve myself into a woman who could have it and hold it and be proud of it and gracious with it:

Investing in my business

Growing my confidence in generating wealth

Buying a home

Hiring a team

Handling incorporation, taxes, legalities, retirement accounts

Learning about cryptocurrency and other investment vehicles

Managing finances with my beloved

Growing my ability to HAVE large amounts of money and feel SAFE doing so

None of this was natural for me. But it hasn’t been particularly difficult though, it just took intention and attention and love and care to shift some things.

And the results have been spectacular.

I’ve 10x-ed my business revenue that was already 6 figures in a YEAR.

I’ve attracted the man of my life into my world.

I’ve called in friends and allies who are successful, integral, beautiful, wealthy, and fun.

I consistently attract divinely arranged clients who I adore working with and who skyrocket their own lives and businesses month after month after month.

I can go into shops I used to feel ashamed to go into because I’d try on a dress and it would look amazing and I’d think about it and think about it but then put it back on the rack because I didn’t really need it (whose voice was that in my head, huh?).

Now I go in and I buy the damn dress without even looking at the price tag.

Now I wear the damn dress on a Tuesday morning just because it makes me feel good and I deserve to wear a beautiful dress whenever I want instead of waiting for a special reason to wear my “good clothes” as my parents used to call them.

I’ve shifted. MAJORLY.

It’s huge.

And it’s available to you.

I know this because I do work every single day to believe in it and create it and have it and cherish it. And I teach it. I walk my talk and eat my own cooking. My clients get these codes and practices and their lives change. My friends and partners learn this just from being in my life.

Abundance is available to each and every one of you, and I’m here to help you remember how powerful you are when you decide to claim it.