How to PREVENT burnout as you scale your coaching business

Preventing burnout as an entrepreneurs

How to PREVENT burnout as you scale your coaching business

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I might be one of the only business coaches in the industry really consciously doing this. 


In my mastermind containers right now, in addition to all the conversations we have about scaling to $500K and $1M, 


all the mindset and energetics of holding extraordinary space for your clients to get the best results possible,


the marketing & sales strategies for making as much money per month as most people make in a year,


and the inner work on being the person who’s a match for this level of wealth and leadership… 


we will be talking about burnout, right up front and center.


In fact, one of the top books on the recommended reading list is my favorite read on burn out.


Not because the women in my mastermind are burnt out… quite the opposite.


They are go-getting, spiritual, attuned, successful, and they are smart enough to want to PREVENT burn out. 


Burn out is a very common ailment of the high achiever. It doesn’t mean you’re broken or you’ve done anything wrong or you’re bound to have it happen over and over again… it’s just pretty much what happens if you get very focused on a particular outcome and are a hard working, goal-oriented person.


That’s why we get to work with feminine energy. 


That’s why we get to practice attunement to our bodies and nervous systems.


That’s why we get to weave in spiritual perspective and conversations on soul-aligned business.


That’s why we get to do embodiment and inner child healing work.


It’s absolutely commonplace in my containers that I’ll coach your inner child as much as I’ll coach you on the strategy of that 6 figure launch. She needs to know she is loved and safe and held no matter what your results are. 


And the more you hold yourself and calibrate your nervous system to the targets you’ve set? They tend to happen with far more ease. 


Because look, I’ve burned out of multiple corporate jobs. 


Most coaches have. 


We’ve been down that path… burned out, woke up, healed from it, and have no desire to go down that road.


But many coaches do. Especially the ones bound and determined to hit the big numbers.


I burned out of my coaching company, too, last year, right in the middle of some huge quantum leaps. 


And now I’m absolutely burn-out sensitive in my business for me and my clients.


I know the warning signs. I know that tips a perfectly smooth running $100K-$300K business over the edge into burn out pretty suddenly.


In my containers, this GETS to be fun part of the conversation, not something anyone needs to hide or feel ashamed of. It’s normalized. It’s sometimes a necessary evil. It’s recoverable. It can lead to even greater success.


We bring burn out into the light.


We design scalable business models that prevent it.


We help you hire before it’s too late and get ahead of the curve.


We make sure your pricing and mindset is aligned and abundant so you don’t underprice yourself into the ground.


We help you think about what’s profitable and sustainable. Preventing burnout as an entrepreneurs