5 Major Things You Can Do to Up Your Money Game Now

5 Major Things You Can Do to Up Your Money Game Now

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“Hey Elaina, what money mindset work did you do to hit 6-figures in your soul-aligned business in under a year?”

I’ve been getting asked this a lot lately and I want to share my answer!

People who ask me this question are usually talking about some form of journaling, manifesting, and meditating to unravel old money wounds and “call in abundance.”

And I did do money mindset work but that’s NOT exactly what I did.

Here are the 5 major things I did to up my money game to make more in a MONTH having fun and doing what I love than I used to make in a YEAR in a Fortune 500 role slaving away in a suit.

TIP #1. I made powerful money decisions that were really uncomfortable, guilt-inducing, and edgy.

I’m really good at working with my emotions, my shadow, and my inner world — probably like you are too — but I don’t stop there.

I use that work to help me do scary real world things… like invest in my own business coaches, professional designers, assistants, web developers, photographers, etc., who help me run my business at the next level BEFORE I’m actually there.

I’ve chosen to invest ahead of myself so actually when I hit $100K at the beginning of 2020, it felt like old news because I’d already been operating my business as if it was a 6-figure company way before it was.

Sometimes those choices, like spending $15,000 on a business coach last year, made me feel guilt, shame, fear, and other intense emotions, but I used my spiritual skill-set to HOLD ME THROUGH THE ACTION instead of sitting around meditating and trying to dissect every limiting belief and core child wound before just doing it and showing up the way I wanted to show up to be that next version of myself.

TIP #2. I watched how the people around me spoke about money and radically up-leveled my circle so I added 2-3 zeroes on the end of my goals.

I noticed how much scarcity people immediately around me were in and chose to enroll myself in group coaching programs, hire a badass mentor, attend masterminds with other entrepreneurs, and do anything to put myself around people who thought about and talked about money in a way that shocked and triggered me initially and eventually became so expansive and second nature.

I went from thinking $500 was an investment to treating a $50K month with a grateful heart and a “this is business as usual” mindset.

TIP #3. I made small powerful money decisions.

Along with the big, edgy decisions, it’s important to watch the small ones, where many of you may still go into scarcity even when you make money. When I make money, I spend it. I invest in other courses to increase my own skill set, I tip the delivery guy generously, I get an upgrade at the hotel I’m staying at, I shop at the stores I really want to shop at, I treat a friend for lunch, you get the idea. This creates FLOW. Abundance = letting yourself have the $20K investment in your business AND the side of guac.

TIP #4. I got a coherent business strategy together.

Of course, making money requires a strategy that makes sense! I didn’t try to “magnetize soulmate clients” by meditating about them, I actually built up new offers, refined my message, did market research, got better at sales, and executed a coherent marketing strategy.

AND I did this major overhaul in a way that felt good to my soul and really heart-centered and simple.

TIP #5. I did the meditation and manifestation work, too.

And last but not least, I still did the spiritual side of the work. BIG TIME. I faced my shit, healed family lineages and relationships, understood and experienced quantum law, and became an energetic match of high self-worth for other high-self worth individuals.

I became more embodied, freed up old stagnant energy, experienced a kundalini awakening, and tapped into my intuitive and psychic gifts.

I regularly use tantric lovemaking, intuitive channeling, and meditation as a part of my business strategy. 🙂

All of that makes a huge difference in how I show up in my business, both on the marketing side and behind the doors with my clients. I’ve never felt more empowered and safe to be earning well, doing what I love, and dreaming bigger and bigger every day.


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