Content Marketing Tips For Staying Inspired & Motivated To Create Social Media Content That Attracts Clients

Content Marketing Tips For Staying Inspired & Motivated To Create Social Media Content That Attracts Clients

This post is about how content marketing, strategy and constant content creation are the backbone of a coaching business and my tips for staying inspired to create content for social media that actually attracts your ideal clients.  If you like this, make sure to get in real-time touch with me over on my Facebook community, Soul-Level Shifts, where I do weekly free trainings on topics just like this one. You can also follow my life in Bali on Instagram @heyelainaray and DM me anytime to say hi! Btw every year I launch a business mastermind for entrepreneurs looking to grow to 6-figures and beyond, so stay tuned to find out when the next round launches. If you’re interested in strategic 1-1 support, you can also apply for a 6-month mentorship. I would love to work with you now or in the future! Drop me a line if this blog helps you. ~ Elaina 



Here’s a quick tip that’s changed my content marketing and creation game & helped me create MORE content, feel more inspired, and produce MUCH faster. Coaches, you probably didn’t expect that running an online business would involve writing so much content.


Me neither. 


I think it’s a stretch for everyone to come up with new ideas all the time and fresh ways of looking at things and find the time between client calls and everything else you need to do to market your business to produce high quality content that attracts your next round of clients.


As hard as it may be, content marketing is the number one way to scale your business organically. So it’s important that you find a way to do this without burning out. 


Have you ever looked at other coaches in this industry and wondered: “HOW DO THEY CREATE SO MUCH ORIGINAL CONTENT ALL THE TIME?”


I’ve been there, too. 


I’ve scrolled through swarms of content in the online world and started to lose my voice. I even started to sound like my coach instead of like me.


I used to get writer’s block all the time and found myself wanting to even change careers because I was tired of needing to market myself so much as a coach! 


I call this the 6 figure hamster wheel, where you can wind up always having to create daily and weekly content if you don’t have solid strategy and planning.


Since then, I’ve developed entire content systems and ways to produce content that feels inspired and still converts clients effectively. In my masterminds I teach my clients the 9 different types of content that attract premium clients as well as how to repurpose your content so you can schedule months in advance and not have to be in front of your screen with a blinking cursor every day or week. 


Hint: None of these ways involves consuming other people’s content.


Here’s my tip: I feel most creative and inspired during and right after my client calls.


I keep a pad of post-it notes next to my computer and during client sessions if I’m channeling something I think is brilliant and more people need to hear, I’ll jot it down on a post-it. This becomes my content ideas wall.


Those post-its go on my wall so I have a tangible wall full of post-its categorized by content type and program. 


When I go to write, I find it most inspiring to pull physical notes down from my wall, riff on that topic I’m inspired by at the moment, and stick it back up for reusing from a different angle later.


This content wall also feeds into my formalized content batching/repurposing system that my social media team is executing on at all times (I teach this part to my clients). 


Also, right after client calls and coaching I have dedicated time blocked out on my calendar so I can hop on a livestream and film some content while I’m fresh in that energy of coaching. 


This way, not all of my content just gets stuck to the wall, at least one piece immediately goes out and raises my visibility there and then. This is the true beauty of effective content marketing.


Do you have a favorite way to get unstuck and create original content? Come find me on Instagram and let me know: @heyelainaray