How To Make $20,000 Per Week Doing What You Love

Elaina working at her computer in her home in Bali

How To Make $20,000 Per Week Doing What You Love

Someone asked me this week: How long did it take you to have a $20K month — and I want to provide some honest reflections and strategy that helped me.

I have been coaching since 2011 and I ran my “business” as a hobby without any business strategy until I hired Cait earlier this year (seriously good decision, I was DONE pretending to know what I was doing).

Before, I was one of those people who write really long interesting things on blogs/social media and other people think it’s great but have no idea what I’m selling or wouldn’t trust me with $5. 

From January of this year until now I ramped up from like $1K/month in coaching to having my first $20K month — er, week.

Here’s some of what changed for me:

>> I stepped into the expert role and started creating my content with the voice of authority instead of the voice of a Facebook muse

>> I got clear on my core brand message and ideal audience (game changer: I decided who I did NOT want to work with, which involved a huge rebranding away from my old demographic)

>> I got SUPER visible and created valuable educational content that got my audience to know, like, and trust me

>> I created programs based on market research and I’m almost always actively selling something (not getting sales? Are you SELLING something? Are you sure people know what it is and why they’d need it?)

>> I got HEAPS more confident selling, especially to friends and people in my network (eek, awkward! not.) 

>> I confidently raised my rates incrementally as I got testimonials so I felt SOLID about why I was doing that and the value I was offering. I went from being nervous about selling a $1,500 program to selling much higher end with ease (and no money objections! seriously!) 

>> I stopped doing any program less than 6 months long. This helps my clients get better results and takes the constant hustle out of my biz. I have the testimonials to back it up and it’s so much more fun diving long and deep with someone.

>> I created financial projections (!!), a yearly sales plan, and a cohesive social media strategy. I hired a team and a good freaking accountant.  

>> I never did paid advertising but strategically broadened my reach to podcasts and mainstream media like Elephant Journal, Mind Valley, and Fast Company.

That’s just to name a few things that might help some lightbulbs go on over on your side of the world. 

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