One Mindfulness Practice to Stay Grounded as an Entrepreneur

I found myself gasping for air lately, coming up from a year-long serious sojourn into the business world and solidifying my work as an entrepreneur — which was healthily balancing out my previous multi-year sojourns into myself, healing, traveling solo around the world, figuring it out.

It feels good to have some new things figured out, to be finding more harmony between the exploration and the creation, the uncovering and the celebrating, the learning and the teaching, the chaos and the center.

But the last few weeks I’ve found myself at a point in my life: to keep chasing more… especially in business, or to breathe. To enjoy my success… or to find a way to frame it so that it’s not good enough yet.

When in doubt, I practice what I preach, so I took a step back.

To look around.

To listen inside.

To have conversations with others (other people are life itself, consciousness itself speaking to me sometimes, ever feel that?)

To catch my breath.

To evaluate what my life experience right now is.

To feel what I’m feeling about it all.

And to remember to inquire: who am I? who’s doing this feeling? who’s behind all this magic?

And to not need the answers, but to remember to ask the questions.

This is my invitation for you to step back in whatever way your heart might be suggesting for you to do that today.

And take your time. Sometimes we need to slow down to find the real truth.

If we had a world where more people were stepping back, listening in, breathing, and inquiring for truth, we’d live in a different world — one I’d like to live in and one I look forward to helping to create person by person, moment by moment.