How to shift your energy and focus to receive more money and abundance

How to shift your energy and focus to receive more money and abundance

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3 ways you cut yourself off from receiving more money and abundance.


#1. You get grumpy when your “fans” don’t buy from you.


I see this all the time – clients get into frustrated or resentful energy towards the people always liking or commenting on their posts but not BUYING.


(Sidebar: if you *only* have fans, there’s a strategy bug in the way you do content marketing and sales, which is fixable! But this post is about the energetics)


You get to be big enough to have BOTH, fans and clients. 


Your fans love your work and support you in other ways: referring people to you, shouting you out on social media, sharing your stuff, and leaving loving comments that brighten your day and remind you to keep going (while the lurkers, if you’re doing things right, become clients).


Allow yourself to receive love and support in your business in many forms: money through clients and other types of valuable feedback and recognition through your fans. 


#2. You create separation from someone experiencing wins you’d like to have for yourself


There are two types of people who react when I share posts about my $150K months or clients selling $10K clients and having 6 figure launches.


Type 1 WANTS to get onboard with believing they can have that too, but their mind starts to tell stories about how they are different from the person celebrating a win.


Type 2 sees the win and SEES THEMSELVES in that person sharing. Their mind creates stories about how alike they are and how likely it is for that outcome to happen for them too.


Type 2 is going to receive money faster, where Type 1 will block it by creating false separation. 


If you see yourself at all in Type 1, know that it’s okay, you can shift. Essentially being in Type 1 mindset means you see abundance (someone’s wins) and you experience lack, putting you out of alignment with wealth. You get to shift that. Follow my feed and practice every day seeing yourself in me and my clients. 🙂 


#3. You are too goal oriented and take the process for granted.


Masculine energy focuses on an outcome, feminine energy enjoys the process. Receiving is a feminine energy concept, which means you’ll block yourself from it if you’re too focused on an imagined outcome.


If you get a $5K client and your brain calculates that you still have $15K left to hit your $20K month goal, you’re in masculine energy. It will make it harder to hit the $20K month because you’re not as open to receiving as you could be. 


If you get a $5K client and you take a moment to be with the client’s name popping up in your inbox and you welcome them into your world and you thank spirit for the $5,000, you’re in feminine energy and you’ll reach your goal faster because… well, spirit wants someone like you to serve more people and spread that vibe.


If you focus on needing to do 3 live streams to check the boxes on the launch checklist, you’re in your masculine. Launch will feel like a drag. 


If you focus on enjoying the experience of live streaming and preparing fun content and being playful with your audience, your launch will turn into what one of my brilliant clients, Kelly Bode, calls “receiving mode” vs “launch mode.” 


Every day I wake up and go: I’m in the process of building a multimillion-dollar coaching company. How do I enjoy that today?


The process of orientation dominance, supported and supplemented with a healthy masculine direction and yes, financial projections and launch plans, creates exponential growth in my wealth and abundance.